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Bamboo Round Wooden Bread Barbecue Tray

Bamboo Round Wooden Bread Barbecue Tray

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Let us introduce, as the new member of the utensils list for home cooking – Bamboo Round Wooden Bread Barbecue Tray. It has a natural look of this tray that improves on cooking experience as well as service with its simplicity.

Its simplicity is further enhanced by its composition out of bamboo which contributes towards your simple yet stylish kitchen décor. This tray would be ideal for BBQ grills as well as for bread services with one side having insulation. The Bamboo Round Wooden Bread Barbecue Tray will upgrade your kitchen essentials.

Product Details:
• Material: Bamboo
• Shape: Round
• Color: Brown
• Surface Technology: Painted
Key Features:
• Made out of good quality bamboo for that lasting effect.
• The round shape gives you an exclusive, exquisite feel to your decorative and serving setups.
• In addition, the painted surface of the tray makes it more appealing and protects the bamboo inside.
• Coming in various sizes for custom cooking and serving.
• Perfect bread knife, bar, and snacks server.

A perfect addition to take your gastronomic experiences higher. With it made from natural bamboo, this tray is simply adorable and will create a beautiful addition for your dining table set up. Easily upgrade your food and reap the rewards of an environmental friendly product that is top quality.

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