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Green Sandalwood Comb

Green Sandalwood Comb

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Discover the beauty and benefits of our "Green Sandalwood Comb," a perfect addition to your hair care routine. Handcrafted with care, this comb offers a natural touch to keep your hair healthy and smooth.

Key Features:

  • Premium Material: Made from high-quality green sandalwood, known for its soothing aroma and natural beauty.
  • Compact Size: With dimensions of 77mm x 130mm, it is the ideal size for easy handling and portability.
  • Natural Detangling: Gentle on your hair, this comb helps detangle without causing breakage or damage.
  • Aromatic Properties: The sandalwood's natural fragrance provides a calming effect during grooming.

Indulge in the luxurious experience of using our "Green Sandalwood Comb" and treat your hair to the goodness of nature's finest material. Enhance your hair care routine with this exquisite and eco-friendly comb.

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