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Hexagon Ladies Hand Woven Bag

Hexagon Ladies Hand Woven Bag

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Step into the world of fashion with our exquisite "Hexagon Ladies Hand Woven Bag." Crafted with fine straw material, this small-sized bag exudes Southeast Asian charm and style. Perfect for women who appreciate elegance and craftsmanship, this bag is designed to elevate your fashion game.

Key Features:

  • Premium Straw Material: Made with high-quality straw, this bag showcases the artistry of handwoven craftsmanship.
  • Small Round Bag Style: The small round bag design adds a touch of uniqueness to your outfit.
  • Convenient Zipper Opening: The zipper opening ensures easy access to your belongings while keeping them secure.
  • Mobile Phone Pocket: The bag's internal structure includes a dedicated pocket for your mobile phone.
  • Soft Handle: The soft handle provides comfortable carrying options for various occasions.
  • Versatile Strap: The single strap can be adjusted up to 134cm, allowing you to wear the bag as a crossbody or shoulder bag.
  • Stylish Three-Dimensional Shape: The bag's round shape adds a trendy touch to your overall look.
  • Chic Lining Texture: The polyester cotton lining enhances the bag's durability and style.

Elevate your fashion ensemble with the captivating "Hexagon Ladies Hand Woven Bag." It's the perfect accessory to complete your Southeast Asian-inspired look.

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