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Natural Sandalwood Wooden Watch

Natural Sandalwood Wooden Watch

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Introducing the "Natural Sandalwood Wooden Watch," a timeless and eco-friendly timepiece that combines elegance with sustainability. Crafted from natural sandalwood, this watch exudes a unique charm that will complement any outfit.

Its wooden case and canvas strap give it a rustic and natural appeal, while the imported quartz movement ensures precise timekeeping.

Key Features:

  • Case Material: Made from authentic natural sandalwood, each watch boasts a distinctive grain pattern.
  • Strap Material: Features a comfortable and durable canvas strap for a stylish and secure fit.
  • Back Cover: The watch's wooden bottom cover adds to its overall elegance and eco-friendliness.
  • Quartz Movement: Equipped with an imported quartz movement for accurate timekeeping.

Embrace the essence of nature with the "Natural Sandalwood Wooden Watch" and make a statement that reflects your commitment to both style and the environment.

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