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Red Sandalwood Coarse Teeth Comb

Red Sandalwood Coarse Teeth Comb

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Introducing the exquisite "Red Sandalwood Coarse Teeth Comb" – a perfect harmony of elegance and functionality. Crafted with precision and care, this comb is a testament to the beauty of red sandalwood and its remarkable properties. Embrace the natural reddish hue, delicate fragrance, and captivating patterns that define this comb, making it a standout accessory.

Key Features:

  • Product Weight and Size: Choose from long handle and wide teeth (21.5 * 4.8cm), long handle fine teeth (21.5 * 4.8cm), four-side comb (10.6 * 5.8cm), or long coarse and fine comb (approximately 29g, 18 * 4cm) to suit your preferences.
  • Style: Available in wide tooth comb, fine tooth comb, and a versatile two-in-one comb.
  • Efficacy and Features:
    1. Red Sandalwood Material: Experience the durability, corrosion-resistance, and wear-resistance of this exquisite wood.
    2. Wide and Fine Teeth: Specially designed with varying tooth spacing to cater to different needs.
    3. Multiple Sizes: Find the perfect style for carrying on-the-go or adorning your home, all featuring consistent material and texture.
    4. Antistatic and Tangle-Free: Enjoy a smooth combing experience without static or tangles.
    5. Premium Texture: Delight in the heavy and luxurious feel, complemented by a simple ergonomic design.

Upgrade your grooming routine with the "Red Sandalwood Coarse Teeth Comb," a true embodiment of fine craftsmanship and timeless appeal.

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